Write for Pension Times

Do you have something to say about a lifestyle, culture, or health & wellbeing topic that’s relevant to the Pension Times audience?

If so, we’d love to hear your pitch for an article on our site!

How to Contribute to Pension Times

The first step to getting published on Pension Times is to send us an article pitch with the below information to [email protected].

  • Where on Pension Times your article would be published.
  • Your proposed article title.
  • An outline of your article structure, including a summary of your article and proposed H2/H3 usage.
  • Where you will place internal links to other relevant content on Pension Times in your article.
  • Which URL of your own, if any, you will link to in your article.
  • Confirmation of having read and understood the Contributor Guidelines.

Once you have submitted your article pitch, a member of the Pension Times editorial team will be in touch in due course.

Regular Contributor Opportunities

If you have lots to talk about but don’t have the platform to do so, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from bloggers with a passion for writing reviews of books, TV shows, or movies who would like to see their work regularly published and promoted by Pension Times.

Get in touch at [email protected] to let us know your availability and the content you’d like to create.

Pension Times Contributor Guidelines

  • We only accept original content not currently published elsewhere, including on blogging platforms such as Medium.com.
  • We only consider submissions that relate to the content topics we cover at PensionTimes.co.uk.
  • Before you pitch, look at your target category to discover what content we already have.
  • Posts should be written in UK English and be thoroughly proofread and edited before submission. We will reject posts that require substantial editing or have clearly not been thoroughly proofread.
  • Content should be creative, helpful, simple to digest, and built on helping the reader understand the topic and make informed decisions.
  • Content will be published in your name; however, Pension Times reserves the right to edit an agreed final draft as appropriate and will have ownership of the content upon publication.
  • Authors must provide a suitable profile photograph, a 2 – 3 sentence bio, and links to their LinkedIn & Twitter profiles to be considered for publishing.
  • We will tag you in social media posts that link to your article, and request you also share and tag Pension Times in your own social posts.
  • Upon acceptance of your pitch, we will send you our editorial guidelines to aid you in completing your article.