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5 ways to save money with Uswitch

Uswitch can help you save on household bills with exclusive deals from energy suppliers, and on things like broadband and finance products. Our in-depth review explores various switching methods and assessed the ease of the entire process. The conclusion? Effortless.

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5 ways to save money with Uswitch
  • The energy market is vast, and many competitive pricing options exist.
  • Uswitch lets you compare deals and keeps you updated with fast-changing market trends.
  • You can save more by switching to a plan that serves your specific needs.
  • Switching can free up more money in your budget when money is tight.

Saving money with Uswitch: FAQs

  • Is Uswitch reliable?

    Uswitch has existed since September 2000, and the organisation emphasises its accreditation through Ofgem's Confidence Code, a voluntary code of practice. Although well-established and trustworthy, you won’t find every available deal on their website.

    Note that the Confidence Code may not apply to the company you're switching to.

  • Should I switch energy suppliers now?

    If you're currently on a fixed-price plan that will soon expire, it's an excellent time to shop around. Consider the latest information about energy prices before choosing a fixed or variable tariff.

    Remember to check for exit fees with your current provider before switching. Review the terms or call them; they may match a new deal, but it's not guaranteed.

  • Does Uswitch offer deals on car insurance?

    Yes. Uswitch offers a dedicated portal tailored to services like car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and mortgages. Researching car insurance well before your renewal date can result in a cheaper deal.

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Taking advantage of a switching service is easy, and Uswitch is one of the best. Uswitch was the first online comparison site to achieve the Plain English Campaign's Internet Crystal Mark. The brand also adheres to Ofgen's Confidence Code, a voluntary business code of practice.

Uswitch compares prices for many products and services, including:

  1. Energy.
  2. Broadband and TV.
  3. Mobiles and SIM-only deals.
  4. Credit cards.
  5. Current accounts.

Let's uncover the money-saving potential of Uswitch across these categories.

1. Finding a new energy supplier

The effects of the cost-of-living crisis continue to affect most of us, so finding exclusive money-saving energy deals is more important than ever. Uswitch compares energy prices from various companies and provides you with the best deals available in your area.

Should I choose a fixed or variable tariff for my energy?

Deciding whether to choose a fixed plan or a standard variable tariff can be tricky for assessing long-term savings potential. To decide, you should consider the exit fees and the length of the deal. It's also important to remember that the Direct Debit amount is just an estimate based on yearly energy usage and not the actual cost. You should also check the unit rate and standing charge to ensure you receive accurate energy bills and can make a smart decision based on your usage.

From 1st April 2024, the Energy Price Guarantee stands at £3,000, while the energy price cap is £1,690. Fixed deal prices are likely to align with the price cap, but fluctuations in wholesale energy prices and the quarterly recalculation may affect your long-term affordability of fixed deals. So, while a fixed deal may be the cheapest option today, this could change in time.

Staying informed about the energy market can help you make the best choice for your situation and potentially lower your energy bills.

How easy is it to switch energy providers with Uswitch?

We found it very easy to switch energy suppliers with Uswitch.

Once you input your address details, the comparison site will display your current supplier automatically. It will then prompt you to confirm your plan and that you are the billpayer.

You will then be presented with a price comparison list, starting with the cheapest. Each offer will display important information, including:

  • If it is a fixed-rate or variable deal.
  • The estimated monthly and annual costs.
  • Any early exit fee charges.

To find more offers, click on the black filter tab at the top right of the screen. This allows you to adjust the results to include plans that you can only switch to directly through the supplier, and not just plans handled by Uswitch.

Click on 'More info' to compare your old and new suppliers, noting the cost per kWh (night and day if you're on Economy 7) and the standing charge.

Can I switch energy suppliers if I am repaying debt?

You can still switch if you owe your current energy provider an unpaid bill and it has been outstanding for less than 28 days. Your current provide will include the amount you owe in your final bill. However, if the debt has been outstanding for over 28 days, you must clear it by paying all outstanding bills and charges before proceeding with the switch.

If you are on a prepayment meter, you can still switch if you have debts of up to £500 on gas and £500 on electricity. The new supplier will assume the debt through the 'Debt Assignment Protocol,' and you'll repay them directly.

2. Broadband and TV

Whether you are looking for the best deal to save money, increase your internet speed, or bundle your broadband and TV service into one, Uswitch helps you compare broadband deals in your area.

How easy is it to switch broadband and TV providers with Uswitch?

After inputting your postcode and clicking 'Find Deals', the webpage will provide you with a list of available deals. You can then use the ribbon on the right-hand side to filter the results based on your preferences, including:

  • Average speed.
  • Broadband type.
  • Provider.
  • Contract length.
  • Monthly cost.

You also have the choice to filter by 'Uswitch Exclusive Deals,' which are unique to Uswitch. These deals stand out for their lower prices or additional perks, such as a £50 voucher or occasional free cinema tickets.

Before you switch to a new broadband or TV provider, check when your current contract ends. If you cancel your contract more than a month before the end date, you might have to pay an early exit fee to cover the remaining payments.

3. Mobile and SIM-only deals

Uswitch allows you to explore exclusive deals from major networks like Vodafone, O2, and Three. You can also tailor your search by brand (Apple, Samsung, etc.) or monthly cost. Most deals have no upfront fees, and some sponsored deals offer additional perks like two months of free insurance or complimentary EU roaming.

If you are content with your current phone, switching to a SIM-only deal means paying only for the service, not the handset, potentially saving up to £335 annually.

Uswitch offers an excellent range of SIM-only deals, some priced under £10 per month. Many budget-friendly plans provide up to 100GB of data, ample for streaming and internet browsing. Opting for a package with less than 100GB can result in even more savings. 

How easy is it to switch mobile and SIM-only deals with Uswitch?

It's effortless to filter on Uswitch for different contract lengths, minutes, text bundles, and data packages to get the right fit for your requirements and budget.

When you find the right deal, click 'Buy now' for the full details. You will be presented with a list of retailer options that redirect you to other websites. Once you have chosen your provider, fill in your details, undergo a credit check in some cases, pay any upfront costs, and you're all set! Remember to note your contract end date so you can shop around again when the time comes.

4. Applying for a credit card

When applying for a credit card through Uswitch, you can easily find tailored options to suit your needs. Uswitch offers 0% interest deals for purchases or balance transfers, cards with rewarding perks on spending, and even options designed if you have bad credit

How easy is it to switch credit cards with Uswitch?

The Uswitch website will display a list of credit cards with your percentage chance of approval. After clicking on your preferred option, you will be diverted to the provider's site to complete the application. You will need to enter your personal details and wait for a response to see if your application has been approved or rejected.

Once approved and your new credit card has arrived and been activated, your provider will usually complete the transfer on your behalf. If this option is not offered to you automatically, you may be able to start the process on your new provider’s online portal or through your app.

5. Current accounts

Whether you prefer a high interest rate, cash-back rewards, or added benefits, there's a diverse range of deals to explore.

You can switch accounts as often as you like, but be mindful of accounts with overdrafts, as they usually prompt credit searches. Although this isn't necessarily an issue, frequent credit applications can affect your credit score.

How easy is it to switch current accounts with Uswitch?

We found the process of switching a current account with Uswitch to be straightforward. Once you have found a suitable deal, you can apply by providing your ID and contract documents, such as your passport or driving license. Your new bank will then begin the process of switching your account.

The Current Account Switch Service (CASS) ensures a seamless transfer of your balance, direct debits, and standing orders to your new account. If any issues arise, CASS will refund any losses incurred during the switch.

Research before switching

Once you've switched one service, you might be itching to switch everything else. Although it's straightforward to compare prices and there are so many ways to save, signing up with a new provider will inevitably involve managing new accounts and getting used to the ways of new suppliers.

It's better to take your time to be sure about what you really need. Browsing through offers online, such as through Uswitch, is an excellent way to get used to what's available and work out your requirements (or what you can do without) before committing to purchases.

Although Uswitch doesn't have every deal available on the market, it is helpful for finding new offers and staying up to date on current prices.

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