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Flow car insurance review

Flow car insurance provides a user-friendly online quote process, but our review raised transparency concerns. Positive aspects include 24/7 claims, no admin fees and a 5-star Defaqto rating. However, drawbacks include add-ons for monthly policies and limited insurance types.

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Flow car insurance review
  • You can manage Flow’s car insurance policies entirely online.
  • With their annual policies, Flow includes replacement car hire as standard.
  • Quotes are only available online and will take about 10 minutes of your time.
  • Flow offers additional extras that you can add to your car insurance policy.

Flow car insurance: FAQs

  • Is making a claim through Flow car insurance easy?

    It depends. If you have all the information ready when you are on the phone with them, it can be a straightforward process. Ensure you have the other party's details and the accident's date, time and location. You’ll also need to give details about what led to the incident, any injuries caused and the contact details of any witnesses/police.

  • Does Flow offer other types of insurance?

    As of December 2023, Flow offers renters a specific type of home insurance. For those who need it, you can cover your contents and specific high-value items worth £5,000 each. As with Flow car insurance, there are no admin fees for cancellation or amendments, and there is no need to call the company to make those amendments.

  • How do I get the best price for my car insurance policy?

    For the best car insurance price, it’s helpful to compare the quotes from several insurance providers to see what their premiums cover. Having a clean driving licence and keeping your car in a garage is also beneficial. You can often get good deals if you bundle up your car insurance with other general insurance policies, such as home or travel.

  • Who is Flow Insurance regulated by?

    Flow is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

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For our review, we looked at the company’s key features of its car insurance policies, what they can cover, and what getting a quote from them is like in practice. 

Getting a Flow car insurance quote

Getting a quote from Flow's website is straightforward, and you can also find quotes on comparison sites like Compare The Market and The online process involves a few easy questions, usually taking less than 10 minutes to get a final quote. 

You can then add optional extras at the end of Flow’s quote questionnaire including: 

  • Breakdown cover (available on a local, national or European basis).
  • Protected no claims discount (NCD).
  • A family package (which can offer replacement child car seats, £500 to continue your journey and covers non-manufacturer fitted in-car equipment). 

The Flow car insurance quote: An inside look at our review process

Like many other car insurance companies, Flow operates a simple online self-service account. You get a quote online, sign up online and make any amendments you want online, too. You only have to call Flow when you need to make a claim.

We created a persona and ran it through Flow’s online quote retrieval process to test its efficiency. Here is what we found. 

Our persona was a 55-year-old who travelled 12,000 miles yearly and had a 3-year no-claims discount. Surprisingly, Flow declined to provide a quote for this profile. However, when we only changed the birth year from 1972 to 1998, making the persona 26 years younger, Flow did offer a quote.

Even though we specifically asked Flow if they provide car insurance for people over 50, and they assured us with a "yes," the reality turned out to be quite the opposite. 

So, if you value thorough research and transparency before making decisions, Flow car insurance may not be your ideal choice.

Key features of Flow car insurance

When we reviewed Flow, the following features caught our attention as part of their service.

  • Extras included. 
  • 24/7 claims.
  • No admin fees.
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs.
  • Online customer support.
  • Reviews and awards.
  • Flexible payment schedules. 

Let’s explore these key features below. 

Extras included 

You don’t have to double-check that motor legal expenses, windscreen cover, and guaranteed hire car are in your policy with Flow’s car insurance products. Flow includes them as standard. 

24/7 claims

If and when you call to make a claim, you can do so anytime - day or night. Flow call centres are in the UK and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

No admin fees

If you choose to update your policy, the company won’t charge you any mid-term adjustment fees. 

Lifetime guarantee on repairs

If you use Flow’s recommended repairer service, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee on the repairs (labour only, excludes parts). 

Online customer support

The company does not have chatbots or a helpline (unless you need to make a claim). Instead, they have an extensive “Help Hub” and how-to guides, or you can ping them an email - though they don't state their expected response time. By not having a call centre, Flow keeps its premiums down.

Reviews and awards 

As of December 2023, Flow is rated a high 4.6/5 stars on Trustpilot through its customer reviews and has a 5-star rating with Defaqto. It also won ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Insurance Choice Awards 2022. 

On Flow Insurance’s Trustpilot page, a satisfied customer named Kai wrote, “User Friendly website. Very competitive pricing. Quick response to inquiries- got satisfactory and to the point answers within an hour. Q&A via email only but this is what I preferred as I can have clear records in black & white.”

Flexible payment schedules

With Flow, you can choose between paying for an annual or monthly policy. The annual policies demand a larger upfront payment, but you get more included, such as a guaranteed hire car or a new car replacement.

With their monthly car insurance policies, you don't get these automatically. However, you’ll have the option to include add-ons that you need.

What does Flow's car insurance cover? 

Flow includes the following as part of your insurance premium:

  • Dents and damage.
  • Uninsured drivers.
  • Misfuelling problems.
  • Vandalism.

Dents and damage

If your car or any of its accessories get damaged due to an accident or vandalism, even if it happens in your garage, Flow will cover the expenses. They will either pay for the repair work, replace the damaged parts, or pay the market value if the car is beyond repair.

Uninsured drivers

Suppose you have an accident and the other driver doesn’t have motor insurance. In that case, you just need to provide Flow Insurance with the other vehicle's driver/rider info, including the registration number, make, model, and colour of their car. If the other driver leaves the scene before you can get these details, you’ll need to contact the MIB.

If an uninsured driver hits you and you can prove it's not your fault (i.e. if you have a dashcam fitted), you won't pay excess upfront, and you can keep your NCD. However, if fault confirmation is delayed, you may initially pay your excess, which Flow will reimburse you upon confirmation.

Misfuelling problems

If you have filled your car with the incorrect fuel, Flow will pay to have your fuel tank drained and flushed. Plus, it will pay for any damage to your car’s engine. You’ll only need to pay for the excess.

At the time of writing (December 2023), Flow doesn’t stipulate how many times you can claim misfuelling problems each year. 


Vandalism can happen to us all and totally ruin your car. Flow will pay for a vandalism claim you make, keeping your NCD intact - though you will have to pay for the excess, and you’ll need to report it to the police to get a crime reference number.

As with misfuelling issues, Flow doesn’t stipulate how many times they will pay out vandalism claims per year without affecting your NCD, which is something to be aware of before taking out a policy with them. 

While these parts of the cover are great to see, it is always essential to double-check your policy documents to ensure they cover everything you want or need before purchase

Is Flow car insurance any good? 

Flow's online-only approach is quite common nowadays. Yet, the lack of a direct customer service number could be inconvenient, as some situations may require speaking to a person over the phone, especially if you are making policy changes.

Stand-out features for us were having no admin fees for amendments and allowing you to keep your NCD if you have an accident with an uninsured driver. Finally, its high Defaqto rating and Trustpilot reviews may also give you comfort and confidence.

Considerations to keep in mind involve paying extra for add-ons with monthly policies and the limited insurance choices Flow provides. As of December 2023, they only offer renters insurance in addition to car insurance policies. It would be great to see Flow offer personal accident, travel or home insurance, too - that way, it can be easier to get discounts on bundles.

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