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Find over 60s car insurance

Looking for over 60s car insurance? It could be cheaper than you realise. You could potentially save money when you're searching for a car insurance quote. If you have a substantial no-claims bonus and a good driving record, you could save even more.

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Find over 60s car insurance

Over 60s car insurance: FAQs

  • Is car insurance cheaper for over 60s?

    Yes, it can be. When a driver has more experience on the roads, they are usually safer than many younger people. When an insurance company considers someone safe on the road, their insurance premium can cost less. 

    As an older driver, you're much less likely to be involved in a car accident. You're more likely to notice potential accidents ahead, behind, and around you.

  • How much should a 60-year-old pay for car insurance?

    This all depends on where they purchased their insurance. The average car insurance cost is £491. However, your insurance premium may differ in price if you have a fast car, fewer years of no claims bonus, or if your driving ability is affected by your health. 

    When searching for car insurance, it's always worth you comparing quotes. Think about the type of insurance you want (third-party, comprehensive) and compare the quotes you are given. Some insurance companies may want you to pay a little more than others. However, they may also provide you with a courtesy car and full 

    breakdown cover

    . Just make sure that if you're paying extra for your insurance, you're getting your money's worth. 

  • Does car insurance go up when you're 60?

    No. The cost tends to go down when you're 60. However, if you decide to buy a sports car or make claims on your insurance, you should expect to see the price rise. The cost could also increase if you move to an area that has a lot of car crime. In addition to this, the cost could increase if you have telematics insurance and your driving is less safe than your provider predicted. 

  • Does car insurance go down when you turn 65?

    Yes, it can. If you choose to drive less than you used to, you could see a decrease in the cost of your premium. Many people choose to retire at the age of 65. Because they no longer work, they don't need to make as many car journeys. Therefore, they are spending less time on the road and thereby putting themselves at less risk.

  • Do you need to inform your insurance provider when you retire?

    Yes. You should always declare any change in circumstances. For example, a change such as retirement can affect how often you drive.

    Some policyholders may have added one of their children onto their policy. If their child is removed from the policy, the insurance premium is likely to go down. Even if you don't remove your child from your policy, there's a chance that you could still pay less. 

  • Is it better to tell an insurance company that you're unemployed or retired?

    It's always better to avoid using the word unemployed if you can. Car insurance providers may charge you more if they think you are unemployed. When you mention you're retired, the insurance provider knows that you'll have an income. If you state that you're unemployed, they could assume you don't have any income. It's this that can potentially raise the cost of your premium.

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Drivers over the age of 60 may start to find that their car is even more important to them than it used to be. When retirement hits, people naturally want to enjoy their free time. Enjoying weekends away and day trips means that access to a car is vital. 

Anyone aged 60 or over is automatically considered to be a safer driver. Fewer accidents are caused by older drivers, which means their car insurance typically costs less. Car insurance for over 60s may cost even less if they have built up a significant no claims discount. 

Can I get insured after the age of 60?

Yes. As you're likely to have much more driving experience than younger people, insurance providers may be happy to insure you. 

Many car insurance providers will automatically assume you're less of a risk than younger drivers. Chances are, you're less likely to speed, take risks, and cause or be involved in an accident. Your road safety will be considered when you're looking for a car insurance quote

How can older drivers get a car insurance quote?

Getting a quote may be easier than you think. It will, however, be helpful if you have all of your documents with you before you begin your search. Ideally, you will have the following documents/information with you: 

  • Your full name and address
  • Your previous address if you have lived in your current home for less than three years
  • Your email address
  • Your date of birth and age
  • Your occupation 
  • Any medical conditions you may have that could affect your driving
  • Your annual mileage
  • Your car's registration number and age
  • Details of any no-claims discount that you may have
  • Your driving history, such as any accidents or motoring convictions you've had in recent years

Once you've gathered all of this information together, you'll be ready to start searching for a car insurance policy. 

There are many websites around that can offer you the cover you need (such as Defaqto). Whether you're looking for comprehensive car insurance, optional extras, or breakdown cover, you should be able to find it. There are many different levels of cover available, even for older drivers. 

Ensure the motor insurance you choose is offered by a legitimate company. Any legitimate company offering car insurance premiums will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You need to have adequate car insurance so that you can legally drive. 

Can over 60s car insurance cost more?

Very rarely. Car insurance for anyone over the age of 60 typically costs less than it would for younger drivers. You could potentially pay less even for a comprehensive policy. Any motorist aged 60+ is considered to be less of a risk. The DVLA knows you're less likely to drive aggressively, be involved in, or cause an accident.

There are times when car insurance can be a little pricier. Whether it's a new car or an old one, the type of car you own can put the price up. For example, if you have a very fast car, and you need more than one named driver on your policy, that's when you could see a price hike. The good news is that the extra cost may be comparable to a younger person's car insurance policy.

For peace of mind, try to choose an insurance company and policy that is right for you. Their trading name will ideally be one you're familiar with. Less well-known insurance companies may not offer you the type of policy you need. 

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Can people over 60 still buy cheap car insurance?

There is no upper age limit for getting behind the wheel. However, anyone in the over 60s age group needs adequate car insurance.

Cheap car insurance will cover the very basics. However, if you would like the privilege of a courtesy car, windscreen protection, and other add-ons like legal protection, you will usually need to pay more. Look out for car insurance policies that offer these as standard at no extra cost.

Alternatively, some new customers opt to use telematics in their vehicles. Telematics act similar to a plane's black box. It shows your insurance company how well you're driving. As a result, many policyholders are happy to use telematics as it can help lower the cost of their car insurance.

Cheaper car insurance and a no claims bonus

Many over 60s drivers can get a car insurance quote that's a little cheaper thanks to their no claims discount. If you have not made a claim on your insurance for years, any potential insurer will likely find you more appealing. When you've not made a claim, it tells the insurer you're less likely to make one in the future. 

How to find over 60s car insurance cover

It's relatively easy to find over 60s and indeed over 50s car insurance cover. Many insurance companies will be happy to cover people in this age range. After all, they are considered to be much safer behind the wheel. 

Look online for car insurance for people aged 60+. Some websites are dedicated to providing insurance for older drivers. More comprehensive car insurance is offered, and it can give you peace of mind. In addition to this, these websites are a lot less likely to refuse your application due to your age. 

Car insurance for over 60s

Car insurance for anyone over the age of 60 is likely to be cheaper. With people in this age range less likely to be involved in an accident, car insurance companies are usually happy to insure them. 

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