Long stay travel insurance for over 70s: The biggest myth in the industry?

Long stay travel insurance for over 70s: The biggest myth in the industry?

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While the UK travel insurance market continues to develop, numerous myths might stop you from travelling. One such myth surrounds long stay travel insurance for over 70s, with many thinking this is impossible to secure. Fortunately, this is not the case!

  • While historically challenging to find affordable long stay travel insurance for those aged over 70 - the market has changed.
  • Many insurance companies include long stay travel cover as part of single trip and multi-trip policies.
  • There is a growing trend for standalone long stay travel insurance cover for those into their 70s, 80s and 90s.
  • As competition continues to grow we have seen a significant tightening of premiums, benefiting consumers over 70 years of age.
  • Long stay travel insurance for over 70s: FAQs

    • Is it possible to buy long stay travel insurance if I am over 70 years of age?

      Yes. As you can see from the above list, many insurance companies recognise the growing number of people over 70 years of age looking towards extended travel.

    • Are there age restrictions on long stay travel insurance?

      While the conditions will vary from company to company, you may find there are age and/or trip duration restrictions on some policies.

    • Do these policies cover pre-existing medical conditions?

      The vast majority of long stay insurance policies will cover pre-existing medical conditions where the insurer has been informed. However, it is important to clarify the situation prior to paying for travel cover.

    • What if my trip is extended over the maximum insurance term?

      If you have travel insurance for 90 days, or another specified period, and your trip ends up being longer, you would not be covered unless you negotiated an extension or new policy.

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    When looking for travel insurance for over 70s, there appear to be several restrictions at first glance. You will notice that some of the leading travel insurance companies reduce the maximum cover for single travel and annual policies for older clients. So, where do you start if you are over 70 and looking to take an extended break? 

    Thankfully, there are a growing number of insurance companies offering extended travel cover for over 70s. Let’s look at what’s available and from what providers.

    GlobelinkAvantiStaysureFree SpiritSagaAllianz Travel Insurance
    Long stay travel coverYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Any restrictionsAge limit 89Age limit 75Reduced cover over 75Age limit 76n/aAge limit 80
    Pre-existing conditions coveredYesNoYesYesYesSuspended from May 2021, expected to be reinstated soon
    Tailored cover for seniorsYesNoYesYesYesYes
    Covid coverIncluded - 20% off PCR testsIncluded - 10% off PCR testsIncluded - 10% of PCR testsIncludedIncludedIncluded
    Maximum cancellation coverUp to £6000Up to £7500Up to £5000Up to £5000Up to £10,000Up to £5,000
    Personal liabilityUp to £2 millionUp to £2 millionUp to £2 millionUp to £2 millionUp to £2 millionUp to £2 million
    Get QuoteGet QuoteGet QuoteGet QuoteGet QuoteGet Quote

    Free Spirit

    While there are no age restrictions with Free Spirit, there are limitations on extended travel. On the surface, it would appear that Free Spirit does not offer extended travel insurance for those over 76. 

    However, if the duration of your trip extends beyond the time or age limit restrictions, you can contact the company directly. They will be able to quote you for single trip cover for an extended duration, moulded around your particular requirements.


    While long stay travel insurance for over 70s can be challenging to find with some insurance companies, this is not the case with Globelink. This is available through the company's comprehensive annual insurance policy, offering:

    • Trip durations up to 15 months, extended to 18 months with prior approval
    • Long stay insurance is available up to 89 years of age

    If you have any questions or queries, you can contact the company directly for more information.


    Avanti offers a useful standalone long stay travel insurance policy if you're looking at extended trips. Further information is available on the website. However, the maximum length of cover reduces from 550 days if you're under 65 to 123 days if you're between 71 and 75. Consequently, it is sensible to contact Avanti directly to ensure you get the best deal for your travel plans.


    Staysure offers a standalone long stay travel insurance package allowing over 70s to travel for extended periods. If you're between 71 and 75 years old, you can:

    • Travel to European destinations for up to 366 days
    • Travel to Bermuda, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, islands of the Caribbean and the USA for up to 123 days
    • Travel elsewhere for up to 184 days

    Over 75s can travel anywhere for up to 104 days with a standard single trip policy.


    Whether travelling in the UK or overseas, a Saga single trip insurance policy covers you for up to 120 days. The Saga annual travel insurance policy traditionally covers you for trips up to a maximum of 45 days. However, there is the option to extend this to 60 days or 90 days for an additional payment.

    Allianz Travel Insurance

    Allianz offers both single trip insurance, up to 180 days cover, and annual travel insurance, limited to 31 days cover per excursion. However, it may be possible to request an insurance quote moulded around your requirements.


    While not one of the mainstream insurers, Insurewithease.com offers an excellent package for those over 75 looking at long stay travel. The policy covers single trips of up to 3 months in length without any age limit.


    RAC travel insurance is very competitive for over 70s looking at extended trips. There is no upper age limit on the single trip policy, which covers up to 94 days for any one trip. It is a little different for the annual multi-trip cover, with two of the three options offering up 62 days' cover per trip. However, the RAC Black Travel Insurance package covers a maximum trip of 92 days. The upper age limit for the annual multi-trip cover is 80 years of age at the start of the policy.

    Post Office

    Post Office travel insurance caters for over 70s, with some restrictions. When looking at economy, standard and premium single trip policies, they cover maximum trip durations for different age groups:

    • Up to 70 years of age, one trip of 365 days
    • 71 to 75, maximum trip duration of 90 days
    • 76 to 85, maximum trip duration of 31 days

    The maximum trip duration for annual multi-trip policies is up to 60 days, but there may be an additional premium.


    esure offers two packages: 

    • Single trip policies for those aged up to 84 with a maximum trip limit of 90 days. 
    • Cover for up to 45 days per trip for those aged up to 74 with a multi-trip policy. 


    Many people prefer to deal with recognised brands, which prompted the likes of Sainsbury's to enter the travel insurance market. The single trip travel insurance policy has no upper age limit with a maximum trip duration of 94 days. The platinum annual multi-trip policy offers cover for a maximum of 92 days per trip. However, there is an upper age limit of 80 for this policy.

    Keen-eyed readers will also note that Sainsbury's offers an extended stay travel insurance package. Unfortunately, while providing cover for up to 548 days, this policy has an upper age limit of 65.

    Busting the myths of long stay travel insurance for over 70s

    Thankfully, competition in the UK travel insurance industry has prompted the emergence of numerous companies offering long stay travel insurance for over 70s. While many people focus on overseas travel, most of these policies also cover UK trips. The only condition with UK trips is a minimum of two consecutive nights in recognised accommodation facilities.

    It is essential to look at the detail for each insurance provider as some offer long stay travel cover as part of a:

    • Single trip policy
    • Annual multi-trip policy
    • Standalone long stay insurance package

    Some travel insurance companies also offer an ad hoc service where they can provide a specific quote around the duration and destination of your intended trip. However way you look at it, there is significant competition and availability for those over 70 looking at extended travel insurance.

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