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Allianz Travel Insurance: What do you get for your money?

Allianz Assistance UK is a subsidiary of the Allianz Insurance Group, which has been underwriting insurance cover for more than 100 years. The company provides annual travel insurance, single trip travel insurance, backpacker travel insurance, and family and business travel cover. So how does Allianz travel insurance compare to the broader market?

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Allianz Travel Insurance: What do you get for your money?
  • Where do you start with travel insurance cover in later years? First, it is crucial to ensure that any travel insurance cover is specific to your scenario. Otherwise, you could face significant unexpected charges.
  • Allianz travel insurance offers both annual multi-trip and single trip insurance cover with the option to adjust individual policy details.
  • Travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions was temporarily withdrawn in May 2021, although the company expects to reinstate this cover in the short term.
  • While not specifically targeted towards the over 50s market, there are some Allianz travel insurance policies offering cover up to 80 years of age. If in doubt, contact the company for more details.

Allianz travel insurance: FAQs

  • Can I include my partner and family on my travel insurance cover?

    The company offers discounted travel cover for couples, and there is also a stand-alone family travel insurance product available.

  • Who regulates the UK travel insurance industry?

    While the wider UK financial services industry is regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), insurance brokers are solely regulated by the FCA. If you pay with a credit card, you may also have an additional level of cover in the event of financial difficulties with your insurance provider.

  • Can I adjust levels of travel insurance cover to reflect my specific needs?

    All Allianz travel insurance policies are relatively flexible. Consequently, you may be able to adjust policies by contacting the company to discuss your situation.

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Even though Allianz travel insurance plans cater for a broader market, as opposed to just the over 50s, there is plenty of cover available for older travellers. As part of the large Allianz Insurance Group, with a history of over a hundred years, the company offers an extensive range of insurance products. As well as travel insurance, the company can provide car hire, car insurance, health insurance and breakdown assistance. 

While perhaps not your first port of call if looking for travel insurance in later life, the company has a strong reputation and an impressive travel insurance business. We will now look at the options available with Allianz travel insurance, degrees of cover, flexibility and the company’s approach to existing medical conditions.

Whether you're looking for single-trip, multi-trip, or specialist cover, or need assurance about pre-existing medical conditions, our panel of travel insurance providers has you covered. Click on your chosen provider below to get started.

Do I qualify for Allianz travel insurance?

There are several specific conditions to consider for those looking at acquiring Allianz travel insurance. Firstly we will look at the age limits on the three main types of travel policy:

  • Single trip policy, maximum age 80
  • Multi-trip policy, maximum age 65
  • Backpacker policy, maximum age 50

There are also two general conditions which are that you must:

  • Be a UK resident
  • Disclose pre-existing medical conditions

While the age limitations are not as generous as some other travel insurance companies, there are still some competitive rates with Allianz travel insurance. The company also has a handy Allianz Global Assistance service to help your search.

Different types of Allianz travel insurance

There are three main types of Allianz Assistance travel insurance.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance cover

For those who wish to take multiple trips each year, the Allianz annual multi-trip travel insurance cover may offer the best value. There are three levels of cover, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The following table includes some of the main elements and the different levels of cover available:

Type of coverGoldSilverBronze
Trip Cancellation£5000£2500£1000
Medical Emergencies£10 million£5 million£2 million
Legal Expenses£25,000£15,000£5000
Missed Departure£1500£1000£500
Personal Accident£20,000£15,000£5000
Personal Liability£2 million£1.5 million£1 million

When you get a quote for annual travel insurance, it is essential to note that while you are covered throughout the year, no one trip can last more than 31 days. If you require changes to your policy, you can contact the company directly to discuss additional options.

Single trip travel insurance cover

There are three different types of single trip travel insurance; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. While individual quotes will depend on your circumstances, the three different levels available ensure there is cover for any budget. 

We have summarised the three levels of cover available and the main elements:

Type of coverGoldSilverBronze
Trip Cancellation£5000£2500£1000
Medical Emergencies£10 million£5 million£2 million
Legal Expenses£25,000£15,000£5000
Missed Departure£1500£1000£500
Personal Accident£20,000£15,000£5000
Personal Liability£2 million£1.5 million£1 million

It is important to note that the maximum duration for a trip with single trip cover is 180 days. On occasion, it may be possible to adjust the terms of your single trip travel insurance by contacting the company.

Backpacker travel insurance cover

The backpacker travel insurance cover is more straightforward with just two options, backpacker cover with skis and without skis. However, there are still several issues to research, whether or not you are considering winter sports. 

The options for backpacker travel insurance cover are as follows:

Type of cover

With skis

Without skis
Trip Cancellation£2500£2500
Medical Emergencies£5 million£5 million
Legal Expenses£25,000£25,000
Missed Departure£500£500
Personal Ski Equipment£400n/a
Personal Accident£15,000£15,000
Personal Liability£2 million£2 million
Ski Pack£300n/a

Backpacker travel insurance cover can last an entire year which is perfect for those looking towards a full year break. While cover is limited to those aged 50, depending upon the details of your holiday, you may be able to obtain single trip or annual trip cover beyond 50.

Medical conditions

While the Allianz travel insurance service has historically covered those with a pre-existing medical condition, the company temporarily withdrew this cover in May 2021. However, the company plans to reinstate the cover as soon as possible. Allianz plans to announce this on its website in due course; however, it may be an idea to contact the company directly if you have a pre-existing condition and require cover today. 

As medical expenses can be significant, it is important to discuss your needs in detail - avoid any potentially expensive misunderstanding!

Worldwide cover

Allianz travel insurance cover is a genuine worldwide service taking in Europe to the USA, Dubai to Mexico, Jamaica to Egypt and the Far East. Where there are restrictions due to Covid or other travel issues, you will be advised of this when applying for your cover. 

On the subject of Covid, it is essential to know that Allianz's policies have been updated and now include comprehensive coronavirus related cover. This has also been extended to take in future pandemic and epidemic travel-related issues.

Does Allianz travel insurance offer value for money?

On the whole, Allianz travel insurance offers comprehensive cover with competitive premiums depending on your specific situation. There is also a helpline should you require emergency assistance at any time. However, it is also important that you check for any exclusions that may impact your trip. 

The company was one of few to remove cover for pre-existing medical conditions in light of the Covid pandemic but expects to reinstate this soon. While you can apply for insurance cover online, it may be an idea to contact the company directly for those unsure about the depth of cover they require. If nothing else, just for peace of mind.

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