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AllClear travel insurance: What do you get for your money?

Since its inception in 2000, AllClear travel insurance has retained its focus on insurance for the over 50s. While the company now offers private healthcare, pet and car insurance, it is still renowned for specialist medical travel insurance. So what should you expect from your AllClear travel insurance?

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AllClear travel insurance: What do you get for your money?
  • Recently we have seen more over 50s looking at regular overseas travel. Are concerns about travel insurance valid?
  • Thankfully, we have seen an increase in companies offering travel insurance to the over 50s.
  • Competition from companies such as AllClear travel insurance has led to lower premiums.
  • Intense competition has also prompted enhanced travel cover for the over 50s and greater value for money.

AllClear travel insurance: FAQs

  • Is there any regulatory protection for AllClear travel insurance customers?

    AllClear travel insurance, part of AllClear Insurance Services Limited, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a customer of an authorised financial services firm, you should be eligible to apply to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the event of fraud, outstanding payments or mismanagement.

  • Are there any age restrictions with AllClear travel insurance?

    You will be pleased to learn there are no age restrictions with AllClear travel insurance, with specific policies available for age groups from over 50s right up to over 90s. This is all covered in your policy documents.

  • How do I make an emergency claim when overseas?

    AllClear travel insurance operates a 24-hour emergency call centre for those who need to make a claim. Customer feedback on the TrustPilot website confirms that most claims are quickly addressed with prompt action.

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It is safe to say that AllClear travel insurance is a significant player in the over 50s travel insurance market. As soon as you land on the website, you will see an array of impressive customer feedback for this leading travel insurance company. So what do you get when you dig a little deeper into the services of this top travel insurance provider? Will you have peace of mind when travelling overseas?

Whether you're looking for single-trip, multi-trip, or specialist cover, or need assurance about pre-existing medical conditions, our panel of travel insurance providers has you covered. Click on your chosen provider below to get started.

The history of AllClear travel insurance

The company was launched in 2000, in Brentwood, Essex, with a simple mission:

"To help anyone with medical conditions to get the insurance they want and need."

The company's heritage lies in specialist medical travel insurance for the over 50s. In 2000, this type of insurance was scarce and expensive if available. Fast forward 20 years and AllClear travel insurance is still a leading light in specialist medical travel insurance, going from strength to strength.

Before we look at AllClear travel insurance in more detail, there are some interesting numbers on the website highlighting the strength of the company:

  • 1,300 different medical conditions covered with travel insurance
  • More than 3 million people have been covered to date
  • 24-hour emergency medical assistance
  • Up to £15 million in medical emergency expenses cover
  • 134 employees

AllClear travel insurance has also won several accolades at the British Insurance Awards and recently announced insurance giant Zurich Plc as the company's new underwriter. However, before we look at the services available in detail, it is crucial to confirm whether you qualify for an AllClear travel insurance policy.

Do I qualify for AllClear travel insurance?

The first thing to remember is that AllClear travel insurance was the first of many travel insurance specialists now operating in the UK. Offering insurance to those travelling abroad, there is the option to request a quote online or speak with an advisor. Consequently, you will not be surprised to learn that there are no age restrictions with AllClear travel insurance policies. Indeed, the company has individual travel insurance products for:

We then have an array of different travel insurance policies such as:

  • Single trip travel insurance
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance
  • Long stay travel insurance

There is also a specific policy for cruise travel insurance which is proving more popular, especially with the over 50s. So far, so good, but what can you expect from the different types of travel insurance, and how much cover do you get?

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

If you are over 50 and looking for travel insurance, you must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. However, it is unlikely that you would need to undertake any medical screening. As discussed above, AllClear travel insurance already offers inbuilt cover for 1,300 pre-existing medical conditions, with flexibility for more. The fact that the group began life as a specialist medical insurance company is undoubtedly helpful!

Failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions could mean your policy is voided and cover refused. While many people are concerned about revealing medical conditions, this will not necessarily impact the cost or your level of cover. Some of the most common pre-existing medical conditions covered by AllClear travel insurance include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

If you have any questions or queries about travel insurance cover for pre-existing medical conditions, you should ask the question as soon as possible. It will likely not be as bad as you thought!

Covid travel insurance cover

Many people will be relieved to know that coronavirus cover is built into AllClear travel insurance single, multi-trip and long-stay policies. This includes:

  • Up to £15 million in emergency medical expenses, including repatriation
  • Cancellation or curtailment cover up to £25,000
  • Up to 30 days free extended cover
  • Up to £2,000 in expenses for a friend/relative obliged to stay with you for medical purposes
  • Cost of continued recuperation
  • Cost of return flight if your stay is extended due to Covid

The industry quickly realised that, in light of the pandemic, many travellers would be concerned about additional expenses if they caught Covid overseas. So, introducing standard Covid travel insurance cover across the board has alleviated many of these fears. Check your policy wording for confirmation; it is there!

Different types of travel insurance

There are three different levels of cover with AllClear travel insurance which are Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. Before we look at the cover available with these different levels, we will take a look at the different types of travel insurance cover available:

Single trip travel insurance cover

A single-trip policy suits those who only go away once a year. However, the premium level will depend upon several factors such as the duration of your trip, destination, age and any medical conditions. These issues will be addressed on your initial application, so you know what your insurance costs and what is covered.

As we touched on above, there is no age limit for AllClear travel insurance. Therefore, you can take out a single trip travel insurance policy at any age.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance cover

Looking at an AllClear annual multi-trip policy would be sensible if you take two or more trips per year. This is because the more trips you take in a year, the better value for money for this type of cover. A Which? survey addressed this scenario, finding that an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is probably the most appropriate if you travel two or more times a year.

Similarly to the single-trip travel insurance cover, there are no age limits. However, you must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions before taking out your policy.

Long stay travel insurance cover

Long stay travel insurance cover is becoming more popular, with many over 50s looking at extended stays overseas. This type of policy is perfect for those looking to travel for any period up to 12 months. However, looking at an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy may be cheaper if you're looking to make several relatively short trips, say up to 45 or 60 days. Consequently, asking the question when beginning the application process is essential.

Many people prefer the peace of mind with a long stay travel insurance policy with medical expenses covering pre-existing and future medical conditions.

Different levels of travel insurance cover

As we touched on above, there are three different levels of cover for AllClear travel insurance policies. These are AllClear Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, and we have detailed the benefits available in the table below:

CoverGoldGold PlusPlatinum
Emergency medical/repatriation costsUp to £10 millionUp to £15 millionUp to £15 million
Cancellation/curtailmentUp to £2,000Up to £15,000Up to £25,000
Extended cover30 days free30 days free30 days free
Covid-related friend/relative expensesUp to £2,000Up to £2,000Up to £2,000
Travel delayUp to £100Up to £350Up to £500
Recuperation stayCoveredCoveredCovered
Cost of return flights due to CovidCoveredCoveredCovered
Personal belongingsUp to £2,000Up to £2,500Up to £3,000
Personal liabilityUp to £2 millionUp to £2 millionUp to £2 million
Legal protectionUp to £50,000Up to £50,000Up to £100,000

Please note cancellation cover is only valid if you take out a policy which includes it. Therefore, it is crucial to enquire at the outset if you have any questions or queries. Never assume anything!

Worldwide cover

Ultimately, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) provides advice and guidance about visiting certain global locations. If you travel to a place on the restricted travel list, your insurance policy will not be valid. When applying for single, multi-trip or long-stay travel cover, you will be asked to confirm your destination(s) to ensure they are covered. 

When it comes to worldwide travel insurance cover, it is relatively straightforward and sensible. If travel is restricted to a particular country, don't go there. 

Does AllClear travel insurance offer value for money?

AllClear travel insurance is the original specialist medical insurance provider focusing on the over 50s. Consequently, when comparing and contrasting the cover available and the premiums charged, AllClear travel insurance fares well. You will notice that all travel insurance premiums are personal to an individual's particular circumstances, thereby suggesting good value for money. However, you must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions – more than 1,300 conditions are covered as standard!

The company has a five-star TrustPilot rating, with 95% of customers ranking the company excellent or great – this says everything. AllClear travel insurance offers an impressive service, with an excellent track record in insurance cover and customer services. What more could you ask for?

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