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What’s the best way to filter your tap water?

Could you save £2,000 over three years by changing the way you consume water? Learn why the Virgin Pure smart water dispenser is the best water filter system for more than just great tasting water.

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What’s the best way to filter your tap water?
  • By not buying bottled water packs every week, a family of four can save £2,000 in three years with a Virgin Pure
  • When using Virgin Pure, instead of a 1.5 litre of bottled water a day, a family of four stops 1,460 plastic bottles a year going to landfill
  • A Virgin Pure smart water dispenser consumes, on average, 0.025kWh of energy per use, or 128.448kWh per year. Boiling a kettle, on average, consumes 0.11kWh per use, or 169.433kWh per year.
  • Virgin Pure water tastes better as it eradicates more impurities than a standard filter jug - it’s just like having healthy mineral water on tap.

Water filtration: FAQs

  • Is it worth filtering tap water?

    While UK tap water generally isn’t dangerous, it can contain chemicals such as chlorine that are added by your local water treatment plant to disinfect your mains water once it leaves the plant. And once the water leaves the plat, your tap water may also pick up dirt and rust from the pipework, as well as microplastics that can seep into water supplies. If you live in a hard water area you’re more likely to find lots of scale build up in your water. Efficiently filtering your tap water will reduce all of these unwanted contaminants, as well as making it taste much nicer. While Virgin Pure removes lots of nasty impurities from your tap water, it leaves in all the naturally-occurring healthy minerals such as calcium and potassium, so it’s just like having mineral water on tap.

  • What is the best way to filter tap water?

    A Virgin Pure smart water dispenser is the best way to filter your tap water. It’s quick to set up, looks brilliant and is fantastic for saving money. It costs far less than expensive bottled water, it frees the space in your fridge taken up by a filter jug, and it uses less energy than a boiling kettle, so you can also enjoy a quick cuppa as well as a refreshing glass of chilled water

  • Why should I filter my tap water?

    Many people start filtering their tap water to improve the taste and quality of their water to help motivate them to drink more, especially during the warmer months. To reap those benefits, the best thing you can do is use a water filter system that connects directly to your mains, like a Virgin Pure dispenser, to remove a lot of the hassle that can some with other filtration methods.
  • Can’t I just buy bottled water?

    Over time, bottled water is terrible for the environment and for your wallet. So much single-use plastic goes to landfills or into our oceans - and it's also an expensive habit. It’s far cheaper to filter your water at home with Virgin Pure.

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When we’re on the go and in need of hydration, many of us will grab a bottle of water. When we're at home, we often reach for the kitchen tap. Most of us notice a difference in taste, and not one for the better! Bottled water usually tastes far nicer, so then we buy bottled water to drink at home. A Virgin Pure Home Water System helps you get great tasting water while being an excellent economic and sustainable alternative to buying bottled water.

What’s a home water filter system?

Let's take things back to basics before exploring why Virgin Pure is the market leader. In short, a water filter system is a something that is designed to remove many of the impurities that can find their way in to your mains water – such as Microplastics, Rust, Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds, Bacteria, Dirt, and Sediment.

What makes a Virgin Pure home water system different?

Virgin Pure is a little different in that it's a water dispenser that connects to your mains water supply so that it never needs refilling and will provide you with an unlimited supply of chilled, ambient, or piping hot water – all at the touch of a button. No more expensive bottled water or inconvenient fridge dispensers or filter jugs, just pure drinking pleasure. Plus, they look great too. Whichever colour you choose, whether it’s the ravishing red, brilliant black, stunning silver, gorgeous green or charming cream, they all look incredible in any kitchen, giving off a modern and minimalist look. 

Who knew that a water filter system could look so good!? And save so much hassle? If you’re interested, you can purchase a Virgin Pure easily for your kitchen or office.

What are the benefits of using Virgin Pure?

Now that you know what a water filter system is, and why Virgin Pure is a little different, let’s look at the other benefits of this innovative new water filter system:

1. You help the environment. 

A family of four that switches from 1.5-litre bottles of water to Virgin Pure can reduce their single-use plastic bottle consumption by a staggering 1,460 bottles a year, based on the 6-8 glasses of water per person per day the NHS recommends.

2. Your health. 

The Virgin Pure triple filtration process filters out all the bad stuff with the simple press of a button. When it’s this easy to stay hydrated by dispensing a cold or boiling water – should you want to cool down on a hot day or make a much-needed tea or coffee – then that can only do good things for your long-term health.

3. Less hassle

Some people choose filter jugs to clean their mains water. But filter jugs need constant refilling and constant cleaning… and then you also have to wait for the water to chill by storing it in your fridge - which also takes up lots of valuable space. Who needs that hassle when you can press a button and get it automatically. 

4. Fewer Filters

If you do use a filter jug, then you’ll know that your filter cartridges generally need replacing every month. While filters on their own are not necessarily bank-breaking, the inconvenience of replacing filters so frequently is not only irritating it also means that you’re putting more plastic into landfill than you would if you switched to Virgin Pure, which only needs its filter replaced every six months.

5. Money-saving 

Some homes or workplaces often rely on buying bottled water when the tap water isn’t up to scratch. However, the problem is that regularly buying bottled water is pretty costly, and all that single use plastic only adds to the pollution of our planet. 

How much money could I save with Virgin Pure?

While Virgin Pure’s health and environmental benefits are great, the cost savings might appeal to you the most. Virgin Pure's Home Water System can help you reduce your outgoings while inflation and living costs continue to spiral out of control.

Independent testing found that the Virgin Pure system consumes, on average, 0.025kWh of energy per use, or 128.448kWh per year. In comparison, boiling a kettle uses 0.11kWh per use, or 169.433kWh per year. Given the amount of tea and coffee we drink, that could be a decent saving in times when energy bills are only going one way! 

Plus, by ditching a weekly purchase of bottled water packs and becoming a Virgin Pure customer, a family of four can save over £2,000 in their first three years of use. That’s not to shabby.

With Virgin Pure's chilled, filtered water on tap, you'll never need to worry about shopping trips, a lack of fridge space, or running out of water just when you're feeling thirsty. Virgin Pure can be with you quickly, too - the company aims to install the system within five days of you placing an order. 

What’s wrong with water from kitchen taps?

When water comes out of a standard kitchen mixer tap, it often contains impurities such as chlorine, used by water treatment plants to disinfect your mains water. Tap water can also contain scale, as well as dirt and rust from old pipes that trail miles from the treatment plants to your home or workplace. Also, it’s easy to leave taps running for too long, waiting for them to heat up or cool down to meet your needs. That costs you your hard-earned cash as it all adds to your water and heating usage over a year.

Can’t I just use water filters like Brita?

Water filter jugs are a common solution for many households. However, you have to regularly purchase replacement filters with these water filtration systems as the filters get clogged up with impurities from the standard water supply. All the impurities you see building up around the kitchen sink, in terms of limescale and calcium type residues, cause water filters to have a short shelf life compared to the Virgin Pure system. As well as a more sophisticated filtration system that can also reduce the microplastics in your tap water, Virgin Pure also uses ultraviolet light to get rid of any bacteria and other microorganisms that might be lurking in water that has sat around for a period of time.

Using Virgin Pure Home Water System

Virgin Pure systems look fantastic, make your water taste great, and are excellent for your wallet too. When we add all these benefits together, there seems little reason not to use one of these filters if you want to increase your water intake sustainably. Especially if you're already using an outdated water filter jug that’s effort intensive or are buying lots of expensive bottled water. The Virgin Pure system is easy to purchase and a qualified engineer will set it all up in your home for you. 

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