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Should you buy a car online?

One of the upsides of the post-pandemic world is how much easier it is to buy cars online. Buying a car has been an in-person experience with lots of showroom visits. Now, you can buy a car from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your driveway. Should you consider it for your next car?

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Should you buy a car online?
  • Buying a car online can be quick and easy if you know what car you want
  • It allows a hybrid approach, where you choose the car online then visit the store to make sure you like it
  • You have the option for home delivery at a time that suits you
  • Thousands of cars in stock all with flexible finance options

Buying a car online:FAQs

  • Is it safe to buy a car online?

    Provided you are buying a car online from a reputable store, completing the purchase online is just as safe as doing so in person. You will often be able to scroll through lots of detailed photos and complete all the necessary forms online. For peace of mind, there are numerous services that will check a car’s history for you.

  • How can I buy a car online without getting scammed?

    Avoid getting scammed by ensuring the webpage is genuine and secure. Make sure all correspondence is coming from an email address that matches with the company you’re buying from. When buying online, it is best to stick to franchised dealerships or well-known car supermarkets, such as Motorpoint, and avoid buying online from a private seller as you have very few legal rights if anything goes wrong with the car.

  • What do I need with me to buy a car?

    You should always have your driving licence on you, whether you are buying a car in person or

    online. This is proof of ID and proof that you are able to test-drive a car. Once you’ve bought the

    car, you should have insurance in place on the day of delivery. Many car sales stores will offer complimentary insurance for a few days until you sort your own out. Road tax also needs to be sorted before you can drive the car.

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For some people, their car is their pride and joy. For others, it’s merely an appliance to get from one place to another. However you see your car, it’s likely that it is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make.

It might seem strange to buy a car completely online, but it makes car shopping easier and more streamlined. You can browse in your own time and at your own pace without leaving your sofa, and any questions you have can still be answered over the phone or via a live chat service. If you want to, you can even have the car delivered to you without ever seeing it in person – although many will still prefer to see the car in the metal before deciding to buy.

Your purchase will be backed up by the Consumer Rights Act, which stipulates that a product must be as described, in satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. Home deliveries are also backed up by the UK’s distance selling regulations, giving you additional peace of mind.

Benefits of buying a car online

Browse from home

Car showrooms are usually located out of town, which can make them inconvenient to get to.

And you might have to visit several different dealerships to see a range of makes and models.

All of this takes a lot of time and energy. Finding your next car online takes away this hassle and lets you spend more time with the family or the dog instead. You can search when it suits you, instead of reorganising your day around store opening times.

Wider choice

No matter how many local dealers you visit, you’ll only see a relatively small number of cars. 

Searching online gives you thousands of cars to choose from, so you can find your ideal model,

with the engine and specification you want, even if it’s in another part of the country.

Motorpoint has 20 stores nationwide with thousands of cars in stock from lots of different manufacturers. Browse our entire stock online and choose between home delivery or pickup from your local store. It means you can get a car you’re really happy with, rather than settling for one that happens to be located nearby.

Approved used schemes

Manufacturer-backed dealerships and independent car stores usually have a set of standards that a car is prepared to. This ensures that the car has no glaring visual imperfections, warranted mileage and a clean bill of mechanical health. You can be confident in the condition of the car if it is covered by a quality standard.

Benefits of buying a car in-store

Seeing the car for yourself

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there is no better way of assessing a car than seeing it in person. As a car is often one of our biggest and most expensive purchases, many car buyers still like the reassurance of viewing a car in the metal before deciding to commit.

Expert assistance

Buying a car completely online is a good choice if you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. You might feel a bit lost and confused about what the right car for you is, however, in which case it can be helpful to speak to a salesperson in-store. They can work out what is important for you and guide you to cars that fit your needs.

How does home delivery work?

Getting a car delivered to your home is surprisingly straightforward. It’s almost like getting groceries delivered from a supermarket. Once you’ve found the car you want and completed your order, you can select a delivery slot and wait impatiently for your new pride and joy to arrive.

Almost all car dealers offer customers a refund or exchange guarantee. This can usually be activated within the first week of ownership if you’re not happy with the condition of the car, or if you decide the car isn’t the right one for you.

Is buying a car online right for me?

Buying a car online is a time-efficient, low-hassle method that gives you a broader choice of vehicles.

You can choose to complete the whole process entirely online, but many people conduct their research and purchase online after having visited a dealership to test-drive the car they like the look of.

Motorpoint offers this flexibility for car buyers. And, whether you complete the sale online or visit in person, you can talk to expert staff members who are on hand to help.

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