Perfect Choice funeral plans: What you need to know

Perfect Choice funeral plans: What you need to know

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Funeral plans provide peace of mind to both you and your family, and there is an enormous selection of funeral plans on the market. Here, we'll be looking at Perfect Choice funeral plans from the Ecclesiastical Group.

Perfect choice funeral plans: FAQs

  • Are funeral plans worth it?

    The main benefit of a funeral plan is that it alleviates your family's financial burden. The money is there, ready to pay directly to the funeral directors. The process should be quick, efficient and stress-free. This allows the family to prepare for the funeral without worrying about financing it themselves. Moreover, your payments will be protected against inflation and could be of good value by the time you die. 

  • Are Perfect Choice still around?

    Perfect Choice is under the Ecclesiastical group. They have released a 2021 brochure on their funeral plans. They are still around but seem to have changed their branding to Ecclesiastical Planning Services. The logo remains the same. 

  • Are funeral plans guaranteed?

    Some features of funeral plans are guaranteed, typically the funeral director’s own costs, but they don’t ordinarily cover third-party fees (like cremation costs) unless you choose to contribute to these. Not everyone needs a funeral plan - do your research before deciding if it's the right choice for you.

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Perfect Choice funeral plans are offered by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, part of the Ecclesiastical Group, an insurer of the Anglican church founded in 1887. 

Ecclesiastical is one of the UK's leading funeral plan providers, offering bespoke, tailored options to suit every budget. One of their key USPs is that, as a leading church insurance company, they provide a high level of financial security for your funeral plan investment.

Your money is ring-fenced for life in one of Ecclesiastical’s insurance policies. 

Here, we'll be looking at the current incarnation of Perfect Choice and its offerings.

Who is Perfect Choice?

Perfect Choice is a funeral plan brand operating as part of Ecclesiastical Planning Services. Ecclesiastical is a highly reputable and well-known insurer of churches, but Perfect Choice went somewhat off the radar at the tail end of 2018.

Perfect Choice has now released a 2021 brochure that shows they’re still around. It seems possible that they’re currently undergoing some form of rebrand under Ecclesiastical Planning Services. 

All websites that used to point to Perfect Choice now point to Ecclesiastical Planning Services. However, the logo (the purple flower) is the same.

As of 2021, there are no specific prices on their website, which further confuses matters. In the past, Perfect Choice had four tiers of fixed-price funeral plans. 

It seems now that their service is bespoke tailored to each individual based on their location. 

This makes sense given the current funeral economy. Prices fluctuate significantly by area, so each plan will be unique and costed differently based on the client's individual needs.

Are Perfect Choice Reputable?

Perfect Choice works with over 800 funeral directors from across the UK, are part of NAPFP (National Association For Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Funeral Planning Authority.

Perfect Choice’s 2021 brochure supplies the following quote: 

“The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) believes that Perfect Choice Funeral Plans represents the most robust and professionally managed funeral pre-payment plan that is available to funeral directors and their customers.”

All the evidence suggests that Perfect Choice is reputable. Since they work with local funeral directors, their prices are often lower than national main brand competitors. However, this opens the plans up to greater local and regional variation. This is a good thing if funerals in your local area are cheap - Perfect Choice’s plans should align with lower local prices as well as higher ones. 

This confers some advantage over other national plans that are based on average funeral costs. 

There are also some drawbacks to this method of funeral planning, as your plan will be specific to your chosen (likely local) funeral director. This may be an issue if you move. 

If you move, Perfect Choice says it will secure your funeral with your new local funeral director. However, your family will have to cover any additional costs if your funeral plan doesn't.

On the flip side, if the new local funeral director is cheaper than the former, you won't get back the excess unspent cash.

Perfect Choice funeral plans

It seems like Perfect Choice no longer offers fixed price funeral plans with different tiered features. Instead, they solely work with local funeral directors.

Many local funeral directors have pages on their websites stating their affiliation with Perfect Choice, like this funeral director in Caerphilly, this one in Newry, Northern Ireland, these funeral directors in Selkirk, Scotland and this one in Sutton Coldfield.

To demonstrate the features offered by Perfect Choice funeral plans, we have compiled 2018 pricing data on their previous plans. This pricing data is not necessarily a true reflection of Perfect Choice's current prices.

On their website, it says that their current average funeral plan cost is around £3,665.

The following four funeral plans are based on 2018 pricing. 

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans Basic Plan - £2,535

The Basic Plan is designed to cover the basic costs of a funeral. It will cover the funeral director's fees, but little else, leaving the family to pay for all other third-party costs. However, it will still cover the costs of a simple coffin, hearse and documentation. 

Third-party fees for cremation, ministers, services and other funeral features will have to be paid separately. 

The Perfect Choice Simple Plan - £3,605

This plan adds a £1,200 contribution towards third-party fees, typically covering ministers, celebrants and doctor’s fees where applicable. This plan is competitively priced and fairs well compared to most other brands. 

The Perfect Choice Traditional Plan - £3,915

The Traditional Plan covers all of your traditional funeral bases. It pays for the funeral director's services, documentation, funeral services, a veneered coffin, a hearse, one limousine, and a chapel of rest to view the deceased.

It also includes a £1,200 contribution to third-party fees.

Perfect Choice Burial Plan - Varies

This is the only Perfect Choice funeral plan to include burial. Back in 2018, this plan would have been priced on an individual basis. Most funeral directors have a standard price for burial services. Choice of a burial plot is a different matter entirely and will also be worked out individually.

Read our guide on where you can get buried for more information on this point. 

Like the other plans, the Burial Plan also includes a £1,200 contribution to third-party fees. 

As mentioned, this data is now possibly outdated. The Perfect Choice website says that current plans are based on local prices and not national averages. This could be both an advantage and disadvantage, as it helps people secure reasonably priced funerals where funerals are at their cheapest. On the other hand, the portability of these plans is a potential issue, so if you intend to move, it'd be essential to discuss this before making a decision. 

Do Perfect Choice provide guaranteed services?

Perfect Choice plans feature a full guarantee on the main funeral director costs and services. This typically covers everything from the hearse to the coffin, service and documentation. 

The cost of viewing the deceased may also be guaranteed, depending on the plan; it depends on your unique specifications.

Perfect Choice says, “Our plans cover your selected funeral director’s services as listed in your plan paperwork. You can choose to include a contribution towards third party costs, such as the cost of cremation. These are outside of the funeral director’s control and therefore cannot be guaranteed.”

Contributions to third-party costs

Costs outside the funeral director’s control, like cremation costs, ministers, celebrants and other special requests, are not covered as guaranteed services. Instead, your funeral plan will have to contribute to these costs. Any excess not covered by the plan will have to be met by your family. 

Three of the 2018 plans had a £1,200 contribution to third-party costs, but whether this will cover the total costs depends on your location and requirements. 

The Basic Plan featured no contribution towards these costs.

If you want to make a larger voluntary contribution to third-party costs, you'll likely be able to do so.

Your funeral options

One of the key advantages of Perfect Choice’s local funeral plans is that you’ll be able to arrange bespoke options more easily with your local funeral director. 

Perfect Choice has a brochure with example options here.

On their website, they've mentioned that they've completed various requests for their funeral plan holders:

  • Military-style funerals
  • Victorian horse-drawn hearse 
  • Environmentally friendly coffins
  • Burial at sea 
  • Woodland burials 
  • Motorcycle hearse
  • American-style funerals
  • Customised coffins

It seems like Perfect Choice has an open mind concerning bespoke options, which may be an asset to their service.

Will my family have to pay out additional money?

Whether or not your family will have to pay out more depends on two things:

  • Your contribution to third-party costs
  • The costs of third-party services 

It seems likely that you’ll be able to make a higher voluntary contribution to third-party costs if you desire. Costs exceeding your contribution will have to be met by the family. 

Will my money be safe with Perfect Choice?

This seems to be one of Perfect Choice’s stronger areas. After all, Ecclesiastical is a major insurer of churches and have considerable financial backing and security. Your money will be paid into a whole-life policy. This is ring-fenced and protected until your funeral. Perfect Choice's policies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). They adhere to strict codes of conduct surrounding the way they hold and invest your money. 

You can research the role of the Funeral Planning Authority here.

What are my payment options?

You can pay for your funeral plan in one lump sum payment or spread it across 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. If you decide to spread the cost, you will have to pay a deposit. 

Another regular payment option allowing you to pay into your plan until your death or 90th birthday is available for those aged between 50 and 80 for plans ranging between £1,000 and £10,000.

Are there other terms and conditions?

You have various rights over your funeral plan, including cooling-off periods and the right to cancel. You can read Perfect Choice’s terms and conditions brochure here. If you decide to cancel within 30 days, you may still be charged an admin fee of £160.

Is there an age limit?

So long as you’re over 18, you can buy a Perfect Choice funeral plan at any time with no upper age limit. 

Will my funeral director accept Perfect Choice funeral plans?

Perfect Choice says that they work with over 800 funeral directors from the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). This doesn’t mean that your local funeral director is sure to work with them. Perfect Choice will discuss your options when you consult with them on a plan.

What if I move?

Perfect Choice states that if you move, they will attempt to find you a new funeral director with comparable costs. You won’t receive any excess if they charge less, as far as we can see. If the new funeral directors charge more than the former funeral directors, your family will need to pay the excess.

Perfect Choice funeral plans

Perfect Choice is part of Ecclesiastical, a major insurer of Anglican churches. As such, the financial security aspect of their funeral plans seems assured.

Since Perfect Choice liaises directly with local funeral directors, there is likely significant variation in their funeral plan prices. However, they state that their average plan costs around £3,665.  

Perfect Choice offers many options and the opportunity to tailor your plan. One downside is that their plans may not be easily portable if you move from one place to another.

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