Top 10 Discounts You Should be Taking Advantage of Now

Top 10 Discounts You Should be Taking Advantage of Now

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Approaching 50 can be daunting, but these discounts available to pensioners certainly sweeten the deal. There is a special offer for you, no matter what your interest. There are travel discounts, discounts for dining out, and discounts for history lovers too. You’re older, wiser, and able to enjoy so much more!

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Approaching 50 can be daunting, but these discounts available to pensioners certainly sweeten the deal. There is a special offer for you, no matter what your interest. There are travel discounts, discounts for dining out, and discounts for history lovers too. You’re older, wiser, and able to enjoy so much more!

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1.     Hairdresser’s Discounts

Hair salons all over the UK offer fantastic Senior’s discounts, some of them as high as 20% off. It’s always worth asking your favourite hair salon whether they offer pensioner’s discounts. These offers are the perfect excuse for you to take some time for yourself.

2.     Cinema Discounts

Many Cinemas offer special screening days for senior citizens at discounted prices. For example, the Odeon theatre offers the Silver Cinema for over 55s. Your movie ticket will cost only £3. On top of this, you will get a free hot drink and biscuits, so that you and your friends can catch up before the film starts. Other Cinemas also offer discounts for over 60s. If you are unsure about whether you qualify for these discounts, it’s always better to ask the assistants.

3.      Shopping Discounts

Many supermarkets offer senior discounts; however, they no not always advertise them. If you are over 50, it is definitely worth asking about any senior’s discounts the stores may have. Students do it all the time, so why not you?

Waitrose also offers a free coffee after your shop to those who hold a myWaitrose card. Additionally, if you buy a newspaper, Waitrose will deduct the cost of it if your final shopping bill comes to £10 or more.

B&Q offer 10% off your total shop on Wednesdays for over 60s. It’s the perfect way to shop for DIY projects, home improvements or gardening equipment.

4.     Dining Out Discounts

Although the Eat Out to Help Out scheme may be over, this does not mean that the fantastic dining deals have to come to an end for anyone over 50. There are loads of dining out deals available. Again, never be afraid to ask about that senior discount! You can only gain by asking the question.

SAGA Magazine has a programme called Possibilities. Members of this programme can enjoy discounts at a variety of restaurants including Prezzo and Chef and Brewer. Many restaurants have put their offers on hold due to COVID-19. However, you can still enjoy a delicious meal out at a fraction of the usual price. For example, you and a loved one can eat out for £30. This deal includes two main meals and a bottle of their red or white house wine.

5.     Transport Discounts

Senior Railcards are a must-have for anyone who often travels by train. For just £30 a year, the railcard will get you 1/3 off any train tickets. You can buy these from the Trainline website.

Over 60s also get free bus passes. These are so convenient for a day trip into town, without the hassle of having to find parking or take a taxi.

6.     Travel Discounts

Flights, accommodation, and package holidays have some fantastic discounts for over 50s.

Trains for European travel also offer discounts of 10% for over 60s. Interrailing is a fantastic way to see Europe and this deal will get you access to train travel in 30 European countries. It’s never too late to go out and see the world.

The UK is one of the few places that offer free entry to their national museums. Many tourist attractions in other countries offer special senior rates including for admission to art galleries, museums, historical landmarks, and on tourism passes.

7.     Health and Fitness Discounts

Many health and fitness centres and gyms in the UK offer discounted, or even free memberships to over 50s. Better offers an all-inclusive membership to over 55s. This membership includes access to fitness classes, the gym and swimming pools. Better also organises club events where you can meet new people and awaken your competitive side.

The NHS also offers free site tests to pensioners. If you are over 60, you can get a free eye examination every two years, a great benefit as eye tests can cost up to £45. Most opticians offer this facility.

Be on the lookout for free prescriptions. If you’re over 60 and buy a prescription prepayment certificate, this will cover all your prescriptions for 12 months. There are also 3-month options available.

8.     Discounts at Local Attractions

National museums across the UK are all free! These are great ways to enjoy days out with the family and experience the best of British history and culture. Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive tour discounts and combo offers for over 50s. It is worth noting that these offers are not always on the official websites for the given attractions.

The Tower of London, for example, does not offer senior discounted tickets on their site, however Senior Railcard does. Senior Railcard also offers discounted tickets to the theatre, tourist attractions and dining experiences.

9.     National Trust Memberships

The National Trust is a charity in charge of maintaining some of the UK’s most historical sites. These spectacular sites include:

  • Chartwell in Kent, where Winston Churchill lived for over 40 years
  • Clouds hill in Dorset, where T.E Lawrence used to spend a lot of his spare time
  • and an old Arts and Crafts house called Stoney Well in Leicestershire.

The National Trust currently oversees 500 historical estates. For those over 60, the National Trust offers a 25% discount for those who have been members for five years.

10.     Study Discounts

Perhaps one of the best deals for over 50s are the study scholarships, discounted courses and free courses on offer. Many websites offer senior citizens access to cash to further their studies. There is never any harm in learning a new skill or furthering your knowledge in a particular field. There are several websites you may find useful, including The Scholarship Search, Student Cash Points and Learn a Language for free.

Take Advantage of Over 50’s Discounts

There are so many fantastic discounts and deals around for over 50s. Why not take advantage of these right now? Nothing is stopping you from living life to the fullest. If anything, having fun and enjoying yourself just got a bit cheaper!

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