Inflation is here. It's ugly. It stings. But it could make you money: Morning Brief

Funny (or sad, depending on how you look at it) short story from this past week that will inspire you to (hopefully) scrutinize your portfolio as we head into 2022. I enjoy grocery shopping, really ever since I raised hell down the canned-goods aisles with my mom as a kid. The thrill of finding that perfect looking steak or fish — or lemon — is somewhat therapeutic. A true moment of relaxation away from the addictive hue of the iPhone and in my world, the alluring laptop. Last week, while on a 10-minute break around 7:00 p.m. ET I picked up a slab of heaven from the butcher inside the local supermarket (no, not from "Whole Paycheck"): a two-inch thick ribeye steak. Yum. I put the steak in my basket, didn't think too much about it seeing as I buy the same cut of steak once a week. The cashier rings up the steak and I almost fall on the floor: $45. Too late to put the steak back, I didn't want to be that person in line. After I paid, I went back into the store and took a look around at the prices for "stuff" as if I was still a stock analyst doing channel checks. Down each aisle it was like I was being hit in the head by little dancing sticker prices, each seemingly 35% higher than a week earlier. All of these little dancing sticker prices were laughing at me, of course. In light of this expedition (a bizarre one at that), I can confidently share with you this dose of wisdom to kick off the week. Inflation ain't goin' nowhere baby. In fact, you are about to be smacked in the head with laughing sticker prices for food, gas, heating oil, jeans, Red Bull and maybe even clean air if you haven't already been. For more on this article, please visit:

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