How Amazon, other companies are investing in robots

Amazon (AMZN) has made a big bet on robotics, particularly in its warehouses. However, with it's agreement to purchase Roomba-maker iRobot (IRBT), their robots could be coming to your home too. Jason Del Rey, Tech Business Journalist and Author of Winner Sells All: Amazon, Walmart and the Battle For Our Wallets, says the acquisition "has a lot to do with Amazon's intent and play to own as much gadgetry and robotics around the home," highlighting it's Alexa products and Ring acquisition. When it comes to how to play the robotics space R "Ray" Wang, Constellation Research Principal Analyst and Founder recommends stocks like ABB (ABBNY), Fanuc (FANUY), and SMC Corporation (SMCAY), saying all three are leaders in the space that are publicly traded. For more from this episode of NEXT: To see the full NEXT episode: Inside Amazon's robot empire, click here. To read Alexandra Garfinkle's article: Amazon built the retail of today — its robots are building the Amazon of tomorrow, click here.

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