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12 DIY home projects to do this weekend

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When it comes to DIY home projects, it can be hard to know where to start. If you're looking around the house and need a project to fill the weekend, here are 12 projects you can sink your teeth into. Whether you're a total DIY beginner or are a full-on DIYer who could quite easily make a living on Trust a Trader, we have a project for you.

12 DIY home projects to do this weekend: Your questions answered

  • Is DIY hard?

    It certainly can be; it depends on the project in question. You shouldn't consider doing some home maintenance tasks without professional knowledge or training, like mains electricity wiring, serious plumbing works, and central heating maintenance. 

    Always do your homework before you commence a DIY task to ensure your plan or project is within your capability and is safe to do.

  • What are the most popular DIY home projects?

    The most popular DIY home projects don't need professional input but are still a challenge. When it comes to fitting new cupboard doors, lighting, handles, taps and similar, many people prefer to tackle the job themselves. DIY encompasses everything from scratch-built furniture to total home renovation and even new builds.

  • What are some DIY home decor projects?

    Probably the most common DIY home decor project is painting. You can paint pretty much anything from doors to window sills, stairs, floors, and walls. Painting is simple, so long as you buy the right paint and apply a few even coats, you can't really go wrong. 

    You can transform your home's decor by painting various things; for example, you could even paint your own mural or stencil designs on outside walls or fences.

  • How can I start my own DIY project?

    The first step is to pick an idea and gather materials for the project. You may already possess some of the materials and tools you need. You might be able to find some for free rather than buy them, like scrap wood and timber. 

    Once you've gathered your materials, it's time to begin your project. Make sure you measure everything carefully where applicable and use protective equipment when necessary. Don't rush; enjoy the DIY experience!

There are so many easy DIY projects to find around your home. The best thing is that many are ideally suited for those with little to no DIY skill.

Not only is DIY fun and fulfilling, especially when you perfect a project, but DIY projects can also add a personal touch to your home.

You don’t need to be a power-tool whizzkid, either. Many DIY projects are doable with just a hammer, screwdriver, paintbrush, glue and a box of screws and nails.

Here are 12 DIY projects to do at home this weekend.

4 Easy DIY projects for your home

First off, let's look at four straightforward DIY projects.

1. Swapping door and cupboard handles

If you dream of fitting a new kitchen or bathroom but aren't yet ready to take the plunge, consider swapping out your door and cupboard handles instead. Handles are an essential part of the kitchen decor; painting your cabinets and adding attractive looking handles can make a world of difference.

You'll need to select new handles or knobs first. There are tons of options ranging from classic brass or bronze handles to modern metal or glass alternatives.

Since you're replacing what is already there, swapping handles is one of the easiest DIY projects to do at home. You'll typically need to unscrew the old handles and screw in the new one; it takes minutes!

Doorknobs are a little more time consuming but are still easy to replace. Just unscrew the old doorknob housing and screw the new one into place.

Door handles can be pricey, but cupboard handles are usually relatively cheap. They can completely change the aesthetics of a kitchen or bathroom without the need to rip everything out. 

2. Paint your floor or stairs

Those with wooden floorboards and staircases can consider giving them a fresh lick of paint. 

Stair risers are particularly easy to paint. Make sure you choose tough paint designed for wooden flooring. Painting floors with a roller is quick and easy; make sure you do three or more thin coats rather than one thick one.

You can also wallpaper stair risers. There's tons of choice when it comes to stair risers, so you can go crazy with ornate and colourful patterns if you're feeling bold!

3. Whitewash outside walls

Whitewashed walls are one of many DIY home decor projects that require little to no specialist knowledge or equipment other than some paint and a brush. 

Whitewashed walls provide a classic-yet-contemporary 21st-century style and are very popular in the Mediterranean and other hot countries. 

The only difference between whitewashing and painting something white is that the paint is thinner, allowing some of the original material to show through. 

You can whitewash indoor or outdoor walls - you just need a wall with exposed brickwork. You can also whitewash wooden fencing. 

Latex paint is ideal for whitewashing but isn't always suitable for outdoor use. You can use any water-soluble paint suitable for outdoor use for whitewashing.

Mix the paint with water to obtain a watery mixture, then paint the wall evenly.

4. Shabby-chic some furniture

Shabby-chic is a trendy DIY technique for altering the aesthetic of furniture, essentially making it look distressed, aged or weathered in some way.

There is an art to creating shabby-chic furniture. Still, it's generally straightforward and one of the easiest DIY home decor projects.

The general idea is to scuff furniture artificially. You can repaint a plain wooden piece of furniture and then sand down the paint for a distressed look. Knicks, scrapes and nicks all become part of the piece's character.

Shabby-chic is the perfect technique for upcycling old furniture too. 

You can paint worn or old furniture in funky new colours and choose modern fittings for a trendy upcycled look.

4 Intermediate DIY home projects

Are you feeling a bit more confident?

Here are four intermediate DIY projects to do at home.

1. Reupholster a chair

Reupholstering chairs is easier than most think. You just need to find an eligible candidate that you don’t mind experimenting with. 

The chair should have an easily removable seat section with fabric that has been stapled onto a backboard with cushioning in between. 

Firstly, undo the staples securing the fabric to the chair's backboard. You'll then need to select a new fabric, cut it down to a similar size as the original, and then stretch it back over the backboard with the padding underneath.

Staple it into place, just like the original fabric. That’s pretty much it - you can reassemble the chair. 

Painting or powder coating is also highly effective at rescuing old chairs otherwise destined for the tip. 

2. Tile a splashback

Splashbacks are found in kitchens and bathrooms, typically behind the cooker, sink and washbasin. 

Tiling a splashback need not be complicated. Some splashbacks are only a couple of tiles tall and wide, and thus, retiling does not require an awful lot of work. Cooker splashbacks are slightly bigger, but you won't need many more than 30 to 40 smaller tiles. 

If you can find new tiles in a matching size, then it's just a matter of plying the old tiles from the wall, filing down the excess grout and laying the new tiles.

There are tons of tile options ranging from classic metro tiles to mosaics and real stone

So long as they sit snug and flush against the wall and are level with one another, they’re good for grouting. 

Once you’ve created a splashback, you can consider taking on bigger tiling projects. You could even retile a whole wall of your bathroom. 

You'll just need tile adhesive to secure the tiles to the wall and grout to fill in the gaps. You will need to fill any cracks or gaps between the tiles and countertop with waterproof silicone filler.

3. Paint a mural

Another effective but easy DIY home decor project - creating your very own mural. 

If you have blank walls that you'd usually cover with pictures or photos, consider painting a mural instead. You don't need to be Picasso to paint a mural; check this Pinterest board for instant mural inspiration. 

Simple geometric or minimalist murals are easy to paint DIY with masking tape, paint or spray. You can also find a vast selection of stencils on eBay and Amazon, ranging from leaves and flowers to abstract patterns.

If you don’t want to paint the mural yourself, you can buy sticky back large-scale images that you simply stick over your wall. 

From jungles to mountains, beaches and space scenes, there’s something for everyone. Many sticky back murals are suitable for inside or outside use.

4. Make your own no-sew curtains

You don't need to sew to make your own curtains; you can just use fabric tape to construct them instead.

This is a cheap, simple option to experiment with bold prints, patterns and other artistic curtain choices. 

Fabric tape is designed for permanently glueing pieces of fabric together. It's as permanent as sewing but requires no sewing knowledge whatsoever.

Creating curtains with fabric tape is relatively straightforward, but you’ll need to measure out the fabric and fix your own hanging loops to the top hem. 

House Beautiful has an excellent guide on making your own no-sew curtains here.

4 Advanced DIY projects to do at home

We are moving into top gear now. What are some more advanced DIY home projects?

1. Install a new tap

Taps are integral to the design of any kitchen or bathroom. 

Installing a new tap is one of many DIY home projects that is easier to carry out without professional help than most think. Provided it's a straight swap between your old and new taps!

Your new tap should match the specifications of the old one. You can take it with you to a DIY store like B&Q or Wickes, where someone can help you match your old tap with a new one.

Most of the time, it’s just a matter of connecting the new tap to your water pipes under your sink. 

Taps come with their own fitting manuals, and there are lots of good guides available on YouTube.

Remember to turn your water off before you remove your old tap. 

2. Panel your walls

Wall panels were popular in Victorian and Edwardian Britain but are an emerging trend in 2021. 

The general gist of wall panels is to raise parts of the wall, creating 3D designs. 

You can buy DIY panelling kits that are ready to stick to your walls or create your own MDF panels.

Wall panels are easy enough to fit yourself. You just have to correctly measure up your walls and ensure that panels lock together precisely.

Buying panelling kits is the more straightforward method; all you'll need to do is stick them directly to the wall.

Once the panels are fitted, you can paint your wall, and you're done.

3. Create a homemade sign

Homemade signs can take many different forms, from modern to classic, quirky to rustic.

Besides your classic yet cliche "Live Love Laugh" slogans, you can create DIY signs unique to you and your family.

You can create signs with stencils, use software like Silhouette Studio to turn your custom wording into a printable stencil. 

You can also use a Cricut cutting machine to import ready-made stencils and cut them out of card, paper or thin wood. You could also use a jigsaw if you have one. 

Use a stencilling pen or ink to print your wording onto a piece of wood, mount it on a stick and voila!

4. Create your own garden furniture

Garden furniture is cheap and fun to build from reclaimed wood or other waste wood and offcuts. 

It isn’t really advanced DIY unless you want to join pieces together with dove-and-tail or interlocking joints. There are so many options when it comes to DIY home projects for the garden.

The Family Handy Man has an excellent compilation of DIY garden projects and DIY home projects. 

Many take advantage of palettes, reclaimed wood and other cheap or easy-to-find timber. 

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