8 stylish over 50s and what they wear

It's easy to fall into a rut with your style as you get older. In 2020, style was the least of our worries, but we're hoping 2021 will be the year to step up your style.

Matilda Davies
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It's easy to fall into a rut with your style as you get older. In 2020, style was the least of our worries, but we're hoping 2021 will be the year to step up your style.

Fashion is not just a young person’s game. There are plenty of fashion-forward celebrities over 50 you can take inspiration from.

Here are eight of our favourite celebrities over 50 whose style you’ll want to steal this year.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams is a style icon – and for good reason. The prolific singer and actress is not afraid of standing out, and it works in her favour. She always makes a statement with her outfits, whether it's a head-to-toe sequin suit or a bright jewel-toned dress. Being over 50 doesn't mean you have to stick to neutral colours. If you want to rock a bold look, do it with confidence. She often opts for bright but monochromatic looks. This is a great trick if you want to look effortlessly stylish and not worry about finding complementary colours.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is another celebrity that is not afraid of being bold in his style. He leans into his eccentricities and expresses them through his wardrobe. To emulate his style, take a staple look and add a twist. For example, if you’re wearing a classic suit, try pairing it with a cravat instead of a tie. Or look for a suit jacket in a bright print that you can wear with neutral trousers and a white shirt.

Viola Davis

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Viola Davis is a powerhouse in her career and in her wardrobe. Like Vanessa Williams, she is not afraid of colour and often wears monochromatic outfits that are sleek and elegant. But first and foremost, she is the queen of tailoring. The easiest way to look stylish for any work or social occasion is in a well-fitting suit. It is always worth taking a suit to the tailor to ensure it fits your body perfectly. To keep it fun and fresh, opt for a colour rather than neutrals. If bright colours aren’t for you, look for a muted pastel shade instead.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson proves that streetwear can look great at any age. One of the best feats of his wardrobe is how he plays with texture. People often think about the colour of their clothes, but mixing up the textures can make your look interesting even if it's in neutral colours. In this look, Jackson pairs a suede jacket with wool trousers and leather boots. Leather and suede are easy materials to incorporate into any wardrobe, particularly with shoes and jackets.

Julianne Moore

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Julianne Moore is the epitome of class and style. One of the ways she manages to always look elegant is similarly through her fabric choices. Some materials naturally look expensive and chic, even if you didn’t splurge. Silk, satin or chiffon are soft and flowy, so they work for any body type and never go out of style. A dress in one of these fabrics is easy to style and looks great, but for a more casual look, opt for a blouse or wide-leg trouser instead.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is living proof that style doesn’t have to be garish to look great. His clean, casual looks are effortlessly cool, but he always looks put together. The number one thing to keep in mind if you want to look stylish is fit. Ensure the seams on your shirts and jackets line up perfectly with your shoulders, and your trousers are the right length. Many men make the mistake of buying clothes that are too big, which takes away from the overall look.

Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts is over 50 and basically flawless. She always looks sophisticated and polished, but never boring. One of her greatest style strengths is her ability to accessorise. Whether it’s patterned tights, statement jewellery or the perfect handbag, accessories can elevate your outfit to the next level. A great trick to make you look stylish is to match all of your accessories to each other. Wear a neutral dress with shoes, a bag and a necklace all in the same shade, and you’ll look perfectly put together.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is proof that wrapping up warm can still look dressed up. Layering is a skill that everyone has to master – particularly if you live in a colder part of the world. Turtleneck jumpers are a men’s style staple and will step up your winter look under almost any coat. To step it up even further, pair it with a double-breasted coat. Like women's fashion, a monochromatic colour look is also a great fast-track to looking modern and chic.

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