What do older guys like in bed?

What do older guys like in bed? Are they any different from younger guys? What’s their sex drive like? In this article, we’re going to answer all three of these questions and many more!

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What do older guys like in bed?: Your questions answered

  • Why am I sexually attracted to older men?

    In general, older men are more attentive, more sexually experienced, have a better understanding of love and relationships, and often bring more security. Furthermore, because they have more experience, they’re usually a lot more confident. This, in turn, can be very attractive. And many relationships with older men pan out well. You do have to bear in mind that when you reach a certain age, what will then be younger men have now reached that level of maturity. And they may be more up for new experiences.

  • What are the rules for dating after 50?

    The same as dating in your 20s. Be honest, be polite, and have clear intentions. Learn to understand your date, their wants and needs, and how to satisfy them while simultaneously communicating your own needs."

  • Are older men sexually active?

    Yes! Though some more than others. We are all different, and we’ve all had different experiences shaping our lives. Some men come out of a lousy marriage feeling unattractive. They may need time to heal or have written off sex. On the flip side, they might be looking to date an insanely gorgeous woman to mend their broken ego. Others have had so much sex it’s less important to them now. Some have erectile problems, and while they want sex, they also want an understanding partner. As a general rule, most men want a satisfying love life when they get older. They may want sex less frequently, but it’s usually still very important to them.

  • What are the signs an older man is falling in love with you?

    He wants to see you often, he pays attention to what you’re saying, he’s respectful, he cares about you and your life at large, and he speaks about your future together. However, I always caution against making assumptions—if you want to date a man, he should be the kind of man you can speak with. Have honest conversations from the get-go. If he seems interested, ask him if he is. “I’ve been enjoying our dates so far. Is this something you can see go further, or are you more interested in a friendship?” Also, get clear about what he’s looking for long-term—is this just a casual fling, or is he after something more substantial?

  • Tinder for over 50s—do you find casual dating there?

    Yes, there may not be as many people in their 50s as their 20s, but people of all ages use Tinder. It’s a free dating site for over 50s, so it’s convenient. With Tinder, just make sure you state what you want in your profile, whether you're looking for hookups, casual dating, friendship, a relationship, or a combination of the lot.If you're new to dating sites for over 50s, check out this article about how to create an online profile.

  • How often do 60 year-olds make love?

    Everyone’s libido is different—the healthier someone is, usually the greater libido they have. Someone who exercises, eats well, and partakes in social activities is a lot more likely to have a high libido than someone who does none of those things.

  • At what age does a man stop being sexually active?

    Again, this is individual. Some never stop; some lose their interest in sex, if not in romance and intimacy, after a certain age.

Whether you’re putting yourself out there on the dating scene for the first time in years, looking to reinvigorate your sex life, or want to put the magic back in your relationship, the topic of sex might feel like an awkward one to approach.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Let’s take a look at what older guys like in bed.

They want to be appreciated

Reassuring someone in the bedroom is one of the best ways to make them open up to you and be fully present with you. Once they relax, they’ll give themselves to the moment.

Even if a person is super confident in the bedroom, they still like to be appreciated. They want to feel desired. By complimenting them on what they do, how they look, and how much they turn you on, you make them feel desired.

What’s more, if they do something you enjoy, tell them, and they will do more of it. Then, if they subsequently do something you don’t like, it’s easier to say so. It won’t hurt their ego, as they already know you like other things they do.

Lastly, your partner is more likely to seek to please you if they feel appreciated for their efforts. If they don’t feel like what they do has any effect on you, they might instead withdraw.

All men want to be appreciated. However, if someone just came out of a bad relationship or are “feeling older", they may relax quicker and become more confident if you show you appreciate them. Dating after divorce for a man sometimes takes some getting used to. Likewise, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, an older guy may need reassurance you still like them.

They want to know you consider them a stallion

When men get older, they know they are, well, older. They might feel inferior to the younger guys—maybe they can’t get it up as often or can’t keep it up for as long. Showing them that you think they are the best catch in the bunch will make them feel like a stallion. After all, the leader of the pack is usually older, wiser, and more attractive because of it. 

Be willing to need him

Men want to be needed in a masculine sort of way. Women today have, thankfully, been raised to be equal with men. And we are. But we are also different. Men easily amass double the muscle mass we do. Men usually don’t get as cold. Men tend to like mechanics more, though that isn’t a given. 

We all know that as women, we can either fix the car ourselves or get a mechanic to do it for us. We can open the jar ourselves or use a jar opener. If we’re cold, we can put on an extra sweater or go inside. However, for all three examples, we could also let the man feel like the protective male he wishes to be. We can let him fix the car (so long as he’s not too bad at it), open the jar, and lend us his jacket.

Letting a man open a door for you doesn’t show that you are in any way inferior. It just shows that you allow him to be the gentleman he wishes to be. It’s an ancient ritual of showing respect, nothing that suggests you can’t open a door yourself!

This is no excuse to turn into a helpless person—that’s another thing entirely. Just, from time to time, allow your man to feel like a big protective bear who gets to safeguard you. It’s a biological instinct. When fulfilled, it tends to make a man feel like a man and sexually attracted to you.

As we grow older, especially, we can be very standoffish, telling men “we can do it ourselves” and showing off our independence. Do show your independence—that’s sexy too—but allow a man to assist you. After all, you do like to fuss over a man from time to time, don’t you?

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Talk about it

Some men reach their 50s and 60s feeling like they are finally confident enough to try all the things they didn’t try in their younger days. Some men do the polar opposite—they tried all the wild things there were to try when they were younger and now want to chill.

Whether you just met someone or you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, it’s essential to talk about your sexual needs. Be open about what you both have tried, want to try, and don’t feel up to. Try to keep an open mind—don’t break your boundaries, but be willing to expand them so long as you feel safe to do so.

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Check the mood before you initiate sex

While a man in his 20s tends to be up for sex at any given time, an older man might not. Family and work responsibilities, as well as long days filled with activities, can make him feel tired and “not in the mood.” That, in turn, might make him feel like he lets you down, and he might get embarrassed about it. This might then lead to him refusing you angrily or him trying to have sex but worrying he might not even get it up because he’s not in the mood. He may also be communicative enough to say he just isn’t up for it, but he might still worry about putting you down when doing so.

We all want to surprise our partner from time to time, but it’s wise to give some heads up. Send a text a couple of hours (or even minutes) beforehand to check in if he wants a sexy date that night. Or start with a simple massage and see if he wants to take it further. 

Also, talk about these things. Ask when he’s the most up for sex. Ask what gets him in the mood. Check in to see if he’d like a surprise from time to time and let him know that if he does, it’s OK to tell you on the day if he’s not in the mood. If you can both talk about it, no one will get offended.

Set the tone

As mentioned earlier, men need to feel wanted. By complimenting him on his looks, brains, talents, personality, body, and clothes, he will feel wanted. You need to do this sporadically on any given day. That way, you build a level of sexual tension that’s always there because he feels desired by you.

Likewise, a kiss here, a slap on the bum there, a tickle, a hug - you need to insert these physical touches into your everyday lives. That way, there’s always tension sizzling. Of course, some couples need physical intimacy more than others, but even if your man isn’t someone who needs it 24/7, add it here and there. Just be sure to check if he’s OK with public displays of affection before engaging in those.

You can also send text messages or leave your partner naughty notes in places where he will find them. This is another thing that can help keep both romance and your sex life alive if you alternate between cute loving messages and more fiery ones.


Older men often expect a woman to be confident in the bedroom. You’ve both had time to make mistakes and survive them. You know you’re OK even if you have disastrous sex from time to time. You know that you won’t both always be in the mood, so if you initiate something and are turned down, that’s alright—it’s not a sign you aren’t desirable. You’ve grown in that you know yourself better. You know what you want in the bedroom. You’re confident you can satisfy a man.

If you don’t feel confident, start exploring. Ask yourself what you’d truly like in bed? Read dirty romance novels, look up tips online, and get books about sex. Find inspiration that can help open new doors, as well as affirm what you already know. Become confident about your sexuality. 

Additionally, you need to become confident about your sensuality. No, you likely no longer have the body you did in your 30s. Nor does a man expect you to. Dress in things that make you feel sensual. Indulge in activities that make you feel desirable. If you feel sensual when wearing a particular dress, sitting in a room lit with candlelight, then indulge in that. And when looking for body ideals, focus on French paintings instead of Hollywood models.

If there’s something your partner wants to try that you genuinely aren’t confident about, then be open about it. Become OK with not being confident. Once that happens, you’re officially confident about not being confident! We can’t know and be experienced about everything.

And, on that note, if you aren’t that sexually experienced, then become OK with that. Look upon it with enthusiasm—you still have so much to learn! And do the above—find out what you like, what makes you feel sensual and sexy, and get ready to learn more together with your partner. Be confident with where you’re at instead of measuring yourself against some imaginary goal. Sex is mainly about compatibility—just as finding the perfect partner is about compatibility. Yes, you need to learn communication, people skills, how to navigate a great relationship, and have a willingness to learn about what sexually excites you and your partner. But beyond that, it comes down to matching personalities. If you aren’t a fit, it isn’t a judgment of your character, so don’t take it personally. Just keep striving to learn about the above and have faith that you will meet someone who is a match for you. Never try to become someone you are not.

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Create romance and intimacy

Often, when we are a bit older, we seek romance and intimacy. We look for people who dare to get naked with us in more ways than one. People who are present and seek to understand us and surprise us with romantic gestures we genuinely enjoy instead of creating the kind of experiences they want. People who are willing to open themselves up to us.

Creating romance and intimacy is usually the prerequisite for good sex.

Try something new

If you’re in a long-term relationship where you already feel like you know the other party inside out, make an effort. Ask if there are new experiences they’d like to try? Put on some makeup or nice clothes, as well as a dash of perfume before seeing them next. Set time aside for romance and intimate moments. Ask them questions—appreciate that the person in front of you is changing daily. Instead of presuming you know everything about them, presume you don’t. Ask them how they feel about their work and life at the moment, what they’d love to do this weekend, if they have dreams they haven’t shared with you, and if there are new experiences—in the bedroom and beyond—they’d like to try with you?

Many times, new experiences bring new growth and excitement to our relationship with someone.

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